Adriana Gonzalez

Adriana Gonzalez
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  • Adriana, now known as Adriana Ahegao, young, Hispanic trans girl from Texas. Outside of the bedroom she can at first appear awkward and reserved. Ironically/unironically a 'gamer girl' she plays on Xbox One and her other interests include anime, manga, comics, physics, etc. In the bedroom she's a bit more experienced, bold and adventurous enjoying things such as; frotting, mutual masturbation, giving and receiving head, being fucked, spanking, light bondage, giving footjobs, stockings, long socks, pigtails, she has a daddy kink and she's open to most things in general. She's an aspiring adult actress exploring opportunities in order to fund transition and hopefully eventually have some surgery (she plans on keeping her dick at this time however).

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24:27 HD Video

Bigger Is Always Better!

Country Boi is always horny, and he loves a bigger girl. And Adriana Gonzales is one of the most popular girls on the site, and she needs a bigger cock to get between those large ass cheeks and hit home where she needs it, so it's a perfect match. She treats him first to one of her legendary blowjobs, using her lips and tongue to tease the end of his cock, before switching on the suction as she goes deep down on his shaft, loving the width and the length. He sucks on her nipples and then starts by entering her from behind before she rolls over and pulls those big, thick thighs back, and he gets plenty of cushioning to pound into her.

13th Feb 2024


15:37 HD Video

Adriana's Big Behind!

That's some ass to be staring at as Adriana Gonzales lowers it onto your waiting face, ready to smother and suffocate you for a minute, before giving you a chance to breathe and then bringing it back down to sit on its throne some more. Fishnet stockings rub and tickle on your ears and shoulders, her big sack smooth and lovely resting on your chin. She swings around and feels your hard cock between her cheeks, and gently slides it into her tight waiting hole, gripping you as rocks and bounces with you inside her, bringing you both to orgasm.

24th Jan 2024


13:51 HD Video

Adriana Home Alone!

Home alone, dressed in her lacy black lingerie contrasting on her pale skin - he dark nipples poking upwards, and her lips moist and wet, Adriana is thinking of cock. One cock, two cocks -or all the cocks in the world, she just needs some pretty urgently. She's turned on, and getting more as she strips, her cock stiffens and gets hard, the head pushes our of her foreskin, dark and shiny. Without anyone to bring her cock, she's going to have to use her imagination as she plays with herself, and fantasises about what she needs in her mouth, and pounding at her fat ass. And it's that imagination, which brings her to orgasm.

19th Jul 2023


20:21 HD Video

Adriana Gonzalez and Her Big Ass!

If you're going to be a BBW performer, then you'd better have a big ass, and the bigger the better. Adriana Gonzalez certainly has that and when she's on all fours, her ass up in the air, the magnetic pull can change the tides by a few minutes! Tony Top loves it - he loves big ass, when it's attached to a hot trans girl and he loves fucking Adriana from behind, but only for so long. He wants to see her on her back, watching her face feeling him sliding in and out, and then he wants to fuck her sideways, reaching around so he can feel all of her. Adriana loves getting fucked, and these two were made for each other.

20th Apr 2023


25:21 HD Video

Madame Morgan & Adriana Gonzalez

Two curvy hotties meet in this week's TGirls.Porn exclusive: Madame Morgan and Adriana Gonzalez are here ready to have some naughty fun together in our latest girl on girl scene, produced by Omar Wax! Watch them making love and enjoying every moment of it!

18th Nov 2022


16:31 HD Video

Adriana's Ass!

Not all of our BBW models have a great ass, not all girls develop a great ass - but through genes, luck and a few hormones Adriana's ass is truly great. Big and round, it bounces and sticks out. Her smooth, dark hole between the cheeks suggests the direction for your cock (or tongue) to go in as she stretches her buttcheeks open so you can access easier. Another sexy shoot from site favourite Adriana.

1st Nov 2022


16:02 HD Video

Redhead Adriana's Solo Orgasm!

Though she is sweet, gentle, and nice, Adriana is such a naughty doll who knows she is hot and she'll use that knowledge to get everything she desires. Craving of fucking a tight ass but to no avail she got her toy pussy instead and damn she looks hot as makes her cock go in and out of it until she cums!

1st Nov 2022


23:46 HD Video

Adriana And Caramel God!

Adriana needs something but that's not coffee and not tea. Luckily, Caramel God joins the fun just in time to turn a boring holiday season into a fantastic anal affair.

1st Nov 2022