Photographer - Buddy Wood

17:47 HD Video

Lusting For Avery

The second set of the lovely and very exciting, Avery Lust. For this set she's in a sexy little outfit that can only have been made for bedroom play, a black dress that doesn't even cover her panties (and if she wasn't wearing panties, something would be hanging loose below the hemline) but once we've gotten that out of the way, she's got some sexy matching lacy lingerie and fishnet stockings, with strappy black shoes... all showing her body off perfectly as she poses for Buddy's camera. This set is really hot as Avery plays with that big, hard cock, and spreads her curvy ass to show that smooth, inviting puckered hole... as she stares at you, asking you, willing you, to come and get it.

19th Jun 2024


15:08 HD Video

All Hail Ember Fiera's Perfect Ass

Bow down and worship the perfectness of Ember Fiera and then give thanks for that amazing ass. All hail Buddy Wood, who loves photographing trans women, and loves to shoot those beautiful perfect big asses. Everything on Ember is pretty much perfect, from her beautiful face, to that inviting, sexy and warm smile, to awesomely proportioned body, smooth sweet uncut cock and her bodacious butt. She's easily one of the finest performers working today, and we just love that we can showcase her here. I can't take my eyes of her.

15th Jun 2024


27:42 HD Video

Amanda Riley is Fucking the Help

Graduating in Liberal Arts didn't help Steve get a job, so he took work with his uncle's yard maintenance company, tidying, watering, sweeping, weeding. It's not bad work, and at least it's in the open air. Amanda Riley is the family princess. She graduated but doesn't need to find work. Her Dad bought her a Mercedes, her Mom gives her an allowance and she spends the days on her phone and getting ready to party. She's out getting a tan when the new yard worker comes around - and it's not the dried up old dude they usually get. "What the hell" she says to herself "I haven't had sex in almost 2 days and my pussy is getting cobwebs". Fucking and sucking. Sucking and fucking. This is as good as trans sex gets with Amanda Riley, one of the hottest chicks we've ever had, getting it on with Steve Rickz and that big cock of his. As they lie back, in post-coital bliss, cum dripping out of Amanda's asshole, Steve asks for Amanda's number so he can take her on a date. "Oh honey" she says "I'll fuck the help, I don't date them."

13th Jun 2024


29:05 HD Video

Free Ride

There is no such thing as a free ride - or is there? Bella Sky is new in the city - and she's horny. She doesn't have time to scroll through the dozens of bums using the apps, so she books a car, and hopes that it might be a driver who is equally horny and looking for fun. Of course, who turns up but Steve Rickz and he's always looking for a sweet, easy highway to cruise up - or in. Bella makes it clear that she doesn't want to really go anywhere, and flashes her perfect cock to Steve, who pulls a u-turn, drives through her front door and drops her off on the big bed. Bella Sky is one of our favorite Grooby Girls and we've been showcasing her beauty and talent since she debuted last year... enjoy this cracking scene...

12th Jun 2024


29:45 HD Video

I Spent My Sugardaddy's Allowance!

"Sorry, Mr.Big ... you did give me my own credit card and said to go and enjoy myself. I bought this nice dress, some new earrings, new shoes, then I had my hair done, and a mani/pedi before going and getting some brand new makeup. Tell me it was worth it?" Look how hard you've got me? So there is only a few more things I want ... your attention, your mouth and your cock ... can I have them now?" Alexa La Flor is your naughty little sugar baby. This cute, petite Californian girl just loves to please her man, just loves to see him smile, just adores having his cock in her mouth and when he fucks her, she's in heaven. You are Alexa's man. She's ready to please.

6th Jun 2024


16:58 HD Video

Avery Lust's Solo Debut

A smoking hot new girl from Buddy Wood. Avery Lust is a 24 year old, originally from Arizona and she presents herself so well here, you'd think it was her 100th shoot. This slim, smooth 5ft cutie has a lovely body, with perfect curves, a thick ass and thighs, some stellar breasts and a big hard cock... but to top it all off, one beautiful face and a load of sex appeal. Avery uses those seductive eyes, and those pouting pink lips to entice you into her trap - and once there, she's going to expect you to please her, and you'd better be ready to run your tongue over that smooth body, and give her everything she needs.

4th Jun 2024


13:41 HD Video

Utterly Gorgeous

I am utterly enamoured by Ember Fiera. I've always loved the content she's done for us, but this year it seems like she's just shone. Clearly, she is a very beautiful girl, but it's when she smiles, with those perfect teeth, that wide mouth and those bright eyes that she's elevated to a different status. Having been able to spend some time with her at the 2023 TEA's and at X3 earlier this year, I can attest that as good as Ember looks in her shoots, she eclipses that in person. She's got a tiny stature at 5ft 2 but her ambiance fills the room just as her sex appeal explodes out of her scenes. Try and take a look at photos of her at the TEAs to see what I mean, just utterly utterly gorgeous. She's very sexual individual loving boys and girls, and all the spectrums in-between. I'm excited to show these scenes from Buddy Wood, and excited to see more of Ember throughout this year!

1st Jun 2024


17:12 HD Video

Beautiful and Bodacious Bella

Bella Sky returns! The 100% Grooby Girl and 100% bonafide starlet is just so fucking sexy and hot. She just loves sex, and loves getting fucked, and with an ass like her ass, and that pretty pink and smooth asshole, she's got the equipment to be the best at that! The tight black latex skirt, along with those black nails, black stockings and black panties are striking against her smooth pale skin, only her pink lips and nipples standing out... oh and that monster pink cock of hers, hard, slick and throbbing and looking like it could really do some damage as she plays with herself, loving being an exhibitionist in front of Buddy's camera and getting herself hornier and hornier...

31st May 2024


40:35 HD Video

You Can Lust!

Avery Lust!!! I believe this is the first bonafide potential megastar of 2024, Avery Lust is just sublime. The sex appeal on her is explosive and every photo and frame of video, just gets my juices steaming. But you don't need to lust for Lust any longer, because today this gorgeous 22 year old is on your bed ... and ready. Dressed in the finest bedroom wear, her long hair tied in ponytails, her makeup perfect, with those shiny pink pouting lips, and those large doeful eyes, she's the full package. Big boobs, an awesome round ass with a perfect smooth hole, and a thick perfect cock, Avery Lust is a dream come true. Try not to wake too early!

30th May 2024


14:26 HD Video

The Awesome Victoria Grant

Back for her second set is the awesome Victoria Grant, the latest girl that Buddy Wood found in his neighbourhood. Tall, lovely long legs, big ass, super cock - hard and horny and that pretty face, she's all ready to go. Fresh in front of a camera for the first time, she loves showing off and it takes only a few minutes before she's stripped out of her black top and skirt, and showing all her best assets off, totally nude. That big ass, with that smooth puckered hole, and that big cock pushing back through, is a sight to behold. A lovely set watching her masturbate until she reaches her orgasm.

23rd May 2024


23:45 HD Video

They Call Me Doctor Love!

When Dr Love makes a house call, you know you're going to be well taken care of. Eros's bedside manner means she's going really look after you, and if she decided that you're a little stressed and need some relief, then she's going to take a holistic approach and use whatever means she has had her disposal to cute you. And yes, that does include using her hot mouth to lick, and suck your cock until it's hard and slick before riding you deep into her hole, making sure she gets your temperature taken and that you have enough energy to keep going. If everyone could have Doctor Love on their speed dial, there would be a lot less health issues across the US!

16th May 2024


14:25 HD Video

Our Latest Grooby Newbie

Welcome to this lovely new Los Angeles girl from Buddy Wood. Long and leggy, 23 year old Victoria is 6ft and has a great body - 90% of it which seems to be legs! A very pretty face, her lovely lips, high cheekbones and big eyes contributing to her supermodel-like features. Big boobs, a super hot big round ass, and a good sized cock that seems to get hard easily... so all-in-all pretty much a perfect Grooby Girl and I'm confident that she's going to be very popular in this debut scene. Enjoy and let us know what you think in the ratings and comments.

9th May 2024


41:23 HD Video

Return of the Poolboy

Summer is back, and the pool needs cleaning at Buddy Wood's bungalow almost every day with the amount of body fluids, lube, baby oil and spilled booze that flow into it, creating a cesspool of smut. Poolboy Chris Epic has been out of work since last summer - ever since he was caught spying on Buddy's girls through the window, but needs must... and Buddy needs a poolboy. Alexa La Flor, is over sunning herself at Buddy's and watches Chris clean the pool... she's seen other girls do this before, so wonder if it always works? She pulls out her cock... and with a sniff of the air, and ears wiggling, Chris bounds across to Alexa, pulls out his cock and offers it to her. "I'm back" he says, punching the air as Alexa wraps those lips around his big cock.

9th May 2024


31:13 HD Video

Ember Fiera's Free Ride

Ember Fiera is making some content for all her fans on her OnlyFans account - they love to see her snapping off some sexy shots in public, and as an exhibitionist, Ember just loves to do it. She calls a ride share, with the intention of getting a few shots in the back of the car, so she sits behind the driver so she's out of his sightline. And then pulls up her dress and releases her smooth hard cock for the camera. Naive Steve, the driver, thinks there is something up and then turns around and sees this stunner with her cock out and gets a shocker! When finding out what she's doing, he says he'll happily drive her for free if he can get a free membership to her OnlyFans... but of course, Ember has other ideas in mind and brings Steve inside for a full on sex scene that will be shown on her fan page. You can see Ember's OnlyFans at:

8th May 2024


34:15 HD Video

Eva Maxim Breaks You In!

She's one of the hottest trans models around today and she's going to break you in today. Eva always knows what she wants, and she's going to train you until you deliver exactly that. Starting with showing off her hot body, with that magnificent ass, and perfect boobs before sliding up, her beautiful face with those large eyes gazing into you as she pull down your pants, and finds our what you are keeping in there. Her expertly trained tongue, runs over your shaft and head, before she takes you between those luscious lips and teases your cock, sucking and licking. If she thinks you are ready, she's going to mount, and ride you and you need to keep your stamina going, as Eva needs it long, hard and fulfilling.

2nd May 2024


32:27 HD Video

Kasey Kei Test Drives Dan Ferrari

When Buddy Wood called up Kasey Kei and asked if she could test out his new Ferrari, she got pretty excited and even dressed up in red to match the Ferrari colors, although she wondered how he'd traded up from his 2010 Acura. Upon arriving at Buddy's house she found out why... "Test out a new guy, Dan Ferrari" he said!!! After her initial disappointment Kasey thought... drive a fast sports car for a few minutes, or get a nice big, hard cock in my ass... and have him deliver a cream pie? I'm in. It's been a while since we've seen the gorgeous, ever reliable, horny Kasey Kei here, she's been across our other sites, we love her, we love to have her back and hopefully, she's take us for a ride when she gets her Ferrari.

2nd May 2024


14:59 HD Video

Brittney's Early Summer

Brittney Kade is made for the summer and it's just as well she's Californian where the summer stretches from April to November... yet it's barely March. Summer is the time of year she can get her bikini on, get outside and show off that amazing body and look. Her collection of bikinis is legendary, each one of them designed to just about cover those boobs and only a professional tucker, would be able to get her penis beneath that small bikini bottom. It's Brittney though, so given that we've privacy, it's not long before she's popped out of her top and her bottom and enjoying the early summer sun in Los Angeles. Another awesome set from this simply awesome model.

1st May 2024


28:47 HD Video

What To Do On A Rainy Day?

Valeria Atreides is home on a wet and dull day. What is a girl to do for fun? She decides to call out for some delivery, not because she's hungry (well not for food) but to see if the cute delivery guy is working today, and maybe flirt with him to take the boredom away. When Chris arrives he's soaked through from the Los Angeles storms, and Valeria invites him in to dry off, and offers to put his clothes in the dryer. Seeing him stripped down, she decides that they can do more than just flirt, "Are your boxers not wet?" she asks, feeling his cock through the material. That's all that Chris needed, and he moves in for a kiss which soon turns into an afternoon of love making, which is far more fun than what Valeria was expecting today.

25th Apr 2024


41:33 HD Video

Lust By The Pool

My choice for newcomer of the year, Avery Lust. What a star, what a performer. This 22 year old exudes a lot more confidence than girls who've been shooting a lot more and this scene, really is awesome, it's one of the hottest scene I've seen in some time and I'm really digging it. Chris Epic back to working as Grooby's inhouse poolboy is loving it also, as Avery teases him and gives him glimpses, to see if she can get him to come play. Of course she can. Once the trite and predictable set up is out of the way, we can move onto the real meat... and Avery has some real meat she wants to show off, her perfect body with big boobs, a thick big cock, an awesome ass and that sexy, gorgeous and stunning face. Great action, an awesome scene and Buddy Wood at his buddy best.

24th Apr 2024


14:51 HD Video

Calling Kalli Grace

Whose on your fantasy speed dial? Kalli Grace would be on mine. The perfect booty call. She'd scoot over, grab a quick refresh and jump into bed with me, smothering me with sloppy kisses while rubbing her writhing body up and down on me, letting me feel her cock grow hard on my thigh and belly, while she grabs my stiff cock in one hand, and then drops under the sheets and turns on her vacuum mouth, sucking and slobbering on me. She'd then switch into a 69 so we could both enjoy each others oral skills, before she'd lie back, spread her legs, and insist I fuck her deep and hard and don't stop until I cum deep into her, which will set her orgasm off also. She'll then jump out of bed, use my speed dial to get an Uber, order a pizza for and take off into the night.

20th Apr 2024


31:36 HD Video

Rah Rah It's Bella Sky!

Bella Sky is the cheerleader you've always fantasized about but could never get with, surely cheerleaders only date the jocks and ignore the nerds like you? She wouldn't be interested in coming around to yours, playing some video games and then maybe ... just maybe ... would she? Now is your time to find out. The game is over and she's bored of hanging out with people with meaningless conversations about sport ... and she wants some fun. She's popped in to play some video games, her cheerleader outfit barely covering her sexy parts ... she sees you eyeing her up. "Want to see more?" she asks and starts to flash up her skirt. She reaches over and strokes your pants, feeling your cock get hard instantly, as her cock pokes from under her dress. "Rise of the Nerds?" she asks.

18th Apr 2024


30:14 HD Video

Foxxy - 20 Years A Grooby Girl

It's hard to believe it. On May 16th 2004, we debuted a pretty little Latin girl. She was photographed by a producer at the time, Vegas Bob in Las Vegas - and then in 2005 she shot with Buddy Wood as one of his first scenes, for his first DVD. Everybody knows Foxxy. Everyone loves Foxxy. Go to an adult trade show, and she's mobbed by pornstars, producers and fans. She's been one of my favourite people in the industry since I met her in 2005. She's classy, she's sexy, she's seriously and sincerely one of the best people I know - someone who cares about other people, who is happy to nurture and mentor and this unique personality, along with her beauty and endless sex appeal is why she's had a longevity in this industry which is almost twice as long as any other performers working today. Oh, and her great skin care regime. 20 years to the day that she was first seen on GroobyGirls... she's back. Watch out for a lot more Foxxy this year. I'd like to thank her, just for always being her true and authentic self.

18th Apr 2024


23:46 HD Video

Ember's Long Stretch!

Your girl Ember Fiera is the MVP on her team and it's an important game today - and she needs to get herself ready and focused - and it's became something of a game day ritual for you to give her one good fucking before she leaves to play and then she only gets fucked again when she wins (which is often!). She needs those muscles stretched and warmed up, and riding on your big cock is the most efficient way to do that, so after she sucks you and licks your member she's ready to get penetrated and get truly stretched out, her quads working her ass up and down your cock, her abs tight and her calves warming up.. This is what she needs to help her focus and as she comes to orgasm she gets the flush of endorphins in waves across her body, as you deliver her protein shot and wish her good luck.

4th Apr 2024


19:46 HD Video

Kalli Grace's Last Rodeo

Super sexy Kalli Grace returns to GroobyGirls to attempt to break in a new stud. This is Jacob's first scene for us, and we brought along a purebred to give him a test ride, and see if he was good enough to be a stud or only worth going to the glue factory. Kalli has a big personality, and her pretty looks and sexy body match that. Smooth and lovely all over, with a nice sized cock, a good ass, lovely shapely legs and some sweet boobage. Jacob is all over her, using his mouth on her cock, tonguing her asshole, 69'ing with her so they both get the pleasure at the same time, and then pushing her legs back, feeling her ass cheeks part and sliding into that hole searching for glory. A nice new shoot from this cutie.

28th Mar 2024


17:37 HD Video

Delightfully Deviant Daisyy Dee

Featuring the second set of Daisyy Dee, the 26 year old Californian cutie who Buddy debuted recently, and she's once again showing what a confident and sexy model she is, as she shows off that awesome body, spreads those thick thighs and shows her dark, smooth and puckered hole, and plays with her hard, big cock which has quite the curve and must really hit some spots if she ever gets to stick it in anywhere! This is another really nice set, and if we had more girls in their debuts like Daisyy I'd be very very happy and she should be a popular addition to this site, and for those who like to watch a gorgeous young girl, with a big hard cock, masturbate until she cums... you're welcome!

27th Mar 2024


31:55 HD Video

Fucking Amazing - Legendary

How has Valeria Atreides not appeared on this site?? I love her - she's grown with us and is just one absolutely awesome model. I bumped into her in Vegas in January and she mentioned that she'd love to work with a girl... and when Buddy called her to set up a shoot, she mentioned that she'd love to be with another superstar, Brittney Kade. Some scenes just have it all. And this scene is legendary - I don't use that word lightly - this will be one of the scenes of the year. Two genuine superstars together - and it's 100% authentic and real sex, passion and heat. Some of the best 69 action I've seen before the gorgeous Valeria bends over and the mega-hottie Brittney starts to fuck her. It doesn't end there, Brittney wants to experience Valeria and they switch position as Valeria fucks her with the same passion and energy. Legendary.

26th Mar 2024


22:56 HD Video

The Winners Reward!

Head of the Cheerleader Team Brittney Kade has only one rule when it comes to men. Winners only - and only the top dog! You were the MVP today scoring more point for the team and taking the trophy but in Brittney's eyes that makes you the MFP (Most Fuckable Player) and to the winner, the just rewards. While you sip on a cold beer, she's going to do some cheer-leading of her own and show off her hot body for you. At only 5ft 4, but with that bodacious ass, and those amazing boobs she's everything you could wish for, in one hot package - and when the skirt comes off, and the panties down, she releases quite the cock on her. Brittney wants to please and satisfy you - and then be seen on your arm strutting around town as your girlfriend ... at least until the next MFP comes along! An amazing scene immersing you deep into one of the biggest stars around.

21st Mar 2024


22:38 HD Video

The Cuck Of The Irish!

If you want someone to go on a drinking and partying session on St Paddy's Day then there is nobody better than Kasey Kei. Not only is she super cool and funny to hangout with, as well as making every head turn in the bar, but this little lady can also hold her beer. And after the partying she's going to go home with someone ... although it may not be the guy she came with! Kasey is all about having a great time and if she finds someone with enough Irish blarney, and a big enough cock, then she's going to let him find her lucky charms and at the end of the rainbow, her pot of gold. You're that guy. You're the one she chose. Happy St Patricks Day.

14th Mar 2024


13:29 HD Video

Debuting Daisyy Dee

I can't debut a girl called Daisyy Dee without asking what happened to Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich, but I may only be amusing myself. This is quite the corker of a new girl, from Buddy Wood. Daisyy is a proper California girl - coming from inland, and she traveled to LA to shoot - I think she's rather good. She's a pretty 26 year old, with a lovely face and those awesome lusciously full lips, and big dark eyes. A perfect 5ft 7, with just the right amount of curves to enhance those super boobs, and a nice big ass, that when spread shows the delights of that tight, smooth asshole that she loves to be used. She was instantly hard at the onset of the shoot, and for a first timer I loved her confidence and sex appeal. Let's see more of Daisyy in the future.

12th Mar 2024


12:07 HD Video

Hazel Tucker Strokes

Gorgeous transgirl Hazel Tucker is back! Hazel is wearing a sexy satin dress and little else! Watch Hazel strip and play with her sexy big boobs before she fondles her ass and strokes her hard cock until she cums!

6th Mar 2024


22:07 HD Video

Game Set and Match!

Back from her tennis game and beating down her opponent and all the exercise always gets Kalli horny, and shes' ready for some more ball play and to see if she can get an ace and maybe even a squirt of deuce. Gorgeous starlet Kalli back in with Buddy as you once again get your chance to experience this magical being in the flesh, as she shows off her hot body, spreads her smooth pink and puckered hole, and then sucks your cock before getting fucked, her moans in your ears, as your cock is deep into her warm tight hole, getting squeezed until you can't take it anymore.

29th Feb 2024


20:21 HD Video

A Very Foxxy Valentine! (POV)

Welcome back the legendary Foxxy to Grooby. This incredible girl first debuted with us 20 years ago, and has appeared across sites, our products and is one of our red carpet hosts at the TEAs. I can't think of another model that has had this longevity and I'll talk more on her as she does new shoots for us, celebrating her 20th year. Today you get to fuck Foxxy ... again. You've left the flowers waiting for her, and she comes into your house looking every bit the red rose herself - beautiful, fragrant and full of love. You both cannot wait to get to bed and exploring each other, this is going to be a Valentine's Day to remember.

28th Feb 2024


33:19 HD Video

The Orange Thief

New Orleans girl extraordinaire is housesitting in California, and she's just loving that orange tree, getting fresh oranges from the garden each morning to juice, just like she did when she was a little girl. Sitting by the window, she spies Steve Ricks, the well know fruit bandit trying to raid her tree. "Yo, leave my orange tree alone you pesky citrus thief!' she yells. "Come over here". "I'm going to squeeze your balls and you better deliver my protein juice" Cloudy tells him!!! She rocks. Steve's at the top of his game. And this is a steaming sexual sweaty scene featuring our magnificent brand ambassador getting sloppy and loving Steve's big cock. A pretty much perfect scene delivered by Buddy Wood, Cloudy and Steve.

28th Feb 2024


19:02 HD Video

Happy Birthday Cloudy Vi

I don't know who was more excited to shoot Cloudy on her 24th birthday, when she was in Los Angeles in January, but Cloudy couldn't wait to do this shoot, Buddy Wood was looking forward to it and I just knew putting those two together, we were going to get something rather good. If you've never had the fantasy of eating a sweet cake directly off the sweetest ass around, licking that icing and tonguing into that smooth, tight hole, tasting the sugar and spice then you will have after watching this scene. Cloudy was turned on enough to produce some icing of her own. Happy 24th Cloudy Vi - let's do it again for your 25th!

16th Feb 2024


15:24 HD Video

The Last of the Summer Sun

It's always sunny in California and it nearly always seems to be shining over Buddy Wood's house. Enola really wanted to shoot outside and get that sun on her body, and at least in February it's not too hot. What a fantastic model. She looks completely gorgeous, with that tiny lean body and her skin is utterly flawless, that ass is just sublime and everything about Enola just sings to me. Her cock is almost silly size on her small frame, and she has no problems getting it erect and ready to go to work. Another killer set from Buddy of this neighbourhood cutie.

15th Feb 2024